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A variety are available to match your interests and time commitment preference.

 PTA Committees

COMMUNICATIONS: Provide internal and external communications to the Becker Community via newsletter, on-site bulletin board, web site, yahoo group, Facebook and yearbook. 

CURRICULUM SUPPORT: Committee is composed of parents and teachers committed to supporting, sustaining, improving the quality of education of all students, including the implementation of a research-based two-way dual language program at Becker and within AISD and to recruit new students to Becker at all grade levels, with a particular focus on recruiting bilinguals and ELLs for the long-term success and survival of Becker and its two-way dual language program. 

FUNDRAISING:  Plan and execute fundraising efforts and activities including Fun Fridays and more. Explore and pursue grant opportunities.

MEMBERSHIP: Plan, recruit and retain PTA members to support the goals of PTA and support every child at Becker Elementary.

CAMPUS SUPPORT: Committee is composed of parents committed to supporting, sustaining, and improving the physical campus at Becker. The committee is also to provide any additional needs for the Becker staff with any additional equipment or support not offered by the district.

CHICKEN COOP: Provide care for the hens and maintain the coop; encourage students and teachers to utilize this resource to strengthen and enrich their curriculum; work with the Green Classroom to connect lifecycle lessons; support learning through real-life experiences.

PARENT EDUCATION AND FAMILY PROGRAMS: Plan and execute events to educate parents and support families. Includes Social and Emotional Learning education night, Makers Night, Health & Wellness Night and more. 

HOSPITALITY/STAFF APPRECIATION: Hosting at all PTA meetings by creating a friendly welcoming atmosphere. Providing Back to School (Tears and Tacos) and Teacher Appreciation events or activities for the faculty and staff.

Email Ana Blanco, First Vice President at ambh3 [at] yahoo.com if you are interested in volunteering on one of these committees. 

PTA Information

PTA members make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.  The Becker PTA is welcoming all new and current parents to join us in this effort to make Becker the best possible experience for all our children!  Use the links below to review committe descriptions and get in touch with the committee chairs where you feel your talents best fit!

2017-2018 La Junta Directiva/Executive Board

Presidente/President - Renee Deeter, ptapresident [at] beckerelementary.com

1st Vice President/ Vicepresidente  (Membership and Communication) - Ana Blanco, pta.vp.membership [at] beckerelementary.com

2nd Vice President/ Vicepresidente  (Community and Family Engagement) - Cress Kwolek

3rd Vice President/ Vicepresidente (Curriculum Support and Dual Language) - Deb Kelt

4th Vice President/ Vicepresidente (Fundraising) – Rashmi Kilam

Secretaria/ Secretary - Ginny Barret

Tesorero/ Treasurer - Marni Wilhite

ACPTA Delegate (Austin Council PTA) - Olivia O'Neal

Parlimentaria/ Parliamentarion - Tim Thomas


Austin Partners In Education

If you are interested in volunteering as a mentor, chaparone or classroom helper, we would love to have you!  Use the link below to find out more.

APIE Registration Process