The Becker Way

Welcome to all our new families and welcome back to all our old friends! See below for the following information and announcements:

  1. Welcome from Becker Principal Valerie Borchers
  2. Parent Teacher Association (PTA) President's Welcome Renee Deeter
  3. Connect with Becker
  4. Volunteer at School and with PTA
  5. Becker Calendar of Events and PTA Meeting Dates
  6. Pre-Kindergarten Welcome and Staggered Start Schedule
  7. Becker Cheer
  8. United States and Texas Pledges
  9. School Supplies
  10. Lunch Money and Process
  11. After School Care
  12. Extra-curricular clubs and classes
  13. Drop-in care programs


1. Welcome from Principal Valerie Borchers

Dear Becker Elementary Families,

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! ! We're proud of our school, what we've accomplished together, and excited about starting another year. Among our many accomplishments in the past years, we continued our model two-way dual language program, earned status as a No Place for Hate school for the sixth year, continued our participation in the Creative Learning Initiative, and continued our Family Field Trips to the Martin Luther King Jr. Community March and Explore UT. We are excited to continue leading the way on these initiatives as we move forward together as the Becker community. Join us for our Back to School Night on September  7, 2017 at 6:00pm in the cafeteria to help us celebrate all we achieved last year and to get inspired about the new school year!

Building a Strong Foundation! The 2017-2018 Becker Elementary theme is "Building a Strong Foundation!" or "Construyendo una base solida!" Our focus will be on continuing to build on existing initiatives and implementing new ones as we continue to define the Becker way to success for all students. Specifically we'll be helping build the foundation for physical health through daily movement; academic health through Dual Language (DL) and enrichment through Gifted and Talented (GT) experiences for all; heart health through Social Emotional Learning (SEL); creative health through Creative Learning Initiative (CLI) and community health through team building and school spirit activities such as our daily morning assembly. Although I list each aspect separately they are all interconnected and together with our Becker Guidelines for Success (Perseverance, Responsibility, Respect) they are all part of the Bobcat identity and lead us on the Becker way to a passion for learning, success, and being college ready!

Academic Achievement  Once again, Becker Elementary met the mark on the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR). We are considered as having "Met All Standards" which is great! We will continue to work hard at providing our students with the best, challenging and relevant instruction that will also show positive results on STAAR without giving in to test prep factory methods. We're achieving at high levels by doing it the Becker way!

Social Emotional Learning ( SEL) All students at Becker participate in social emotional learning lessons weekly in which we teach critical life skills. These lessons build our students' foundation for the habits of mind, knowledge, attitudes and skills needed to understand and manage their emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships and make responsible decisions. An explicit SEL lesson is taught each Tuesday, but the themes are integrated into daily life and activities.

Inclusive Welcoming School   Becker teaching staff participated in Welcoming Schools professional development, an anti-bias approach that supports Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in a developmentally appropriate way. Staff engaged in conversations about embracing family diversity, creating gender-inclusive environments, and preventing bias-based bullying and name calling. Research shows that students who experience acceptance at school are more highly motivated, engaged in learning, and committed to school. Our goal, then, is to help create an inclusive environment for all regardless of race, national origin, gender, actual or perceived sexual orientation, religion or ability. This year, we will be adding book titles reflecting this inclusivity from the recommended list of Welcoming Schools books to our library. Keep an eye out for a parent meeting about this soon!

Dual Language We are one of the schools continuing to lead the way in implementing the district's dual language immersion program in Pre-Kindergarten through fifth grade. Schools from around the district and state frequently seek out Becker as an observation destination to learn from our skilled staff. Come and learn more about this amazing program in which students from all backgrounds learn both English and Spanish together at one of our upcoming Dual Language Parent Orientation sessions.

Drop-off and Pick-Up Traffic consultant and AISD police report that our procedure for both arrival and dismissal is one of the safest and best organized in the district. Still, it takes time to get over 400 students out of the school and safely into cars, on buses, and onto sidewalks. Please help us keep your children safe following our directions and all posted signs regarding stopping and parking, We are still working on improving our dismissal procedure as we deal with the challenges of increased enrollment (a good challenge) and the congestion at Bouldin and Milton and at Milton and S. 5th. I'm in communication with AISD Campus Police, Austin Police Department, and Capitol Metro. Expect any changes to be shared with you soon. Also, for the safety of your children, please follow the directions of our staff and be patient with your fellow drivers. We will treat all of our families respectfully and insist on the same in return.  

Morning Assembly and Tardies We continue to meet in the gym each morning for assembly at 7:30a.m. where we celebrate birthdays, review our Guidelines for Success, and build community and school spirit. We'd love to have all our Bobcats present! School doors open at 7:10am.  Please drop your children off at school by 7:30a.m. each day so they can attend assembly and then be on time for class. Remember students are counted tardy if they are not with the class when the bell rings at 7:40a.m. Although it's not something we enjoy doing, we are required by state law and district policy to file truancy charges when students have excessive tardies (referred to as partial-day absences) and absences. Please communicate with us about any attendance/tardy concerns so that we can provide support, if needed.

School Spirit We continue working hard at building community and school spirit and have made great strides over the past three years. Morning assembly is but one of our venues for this. Bobcats show school spirit by wearing the school t-shirt on Thursdays (new day this year), a college t-shirt to school on Fridays, cheering for other student recognition and classes, and participating in all call and response activities at assembly. Our Becker school t-shirt is available for purchase in the front office at $5 for youth sizes and $7 for most adult sizes. We ask that Bobcats wear this school t-shirt on all field trips.

Back to School Night Please join us for Back to School night in the cafeteria on Thursday, September 7th, from 6:00p.m. to 7:30p.m. You'll get to meet our awesome staff- many whom you already know plus some amazing new members! You'll also be learning about your children's classrooms, discuss our school's performance last year and learn how to get involved as a parent. I'll also share a little about some of our new initiatives that we're certain you'll be happy to hear. Although we love having our Bobcats around, it's best if they stay at home on this night so that adults can communicate easily about the school year. However, please do not let the inability to find alternate plans for your children keep you from attending.

Identification of Gifted and Talented  The Fall identification process for the Gifted and Talented (GT) program at Becker Elementary begins on September 12 and runs through September 23. The process includes three steps-nomination, screening and selection. If you are interested in nominating your Kinder-5th grade child for the GT program, please come by the school office for a parent nomination form and survey starting September 12. These nomination forms need to be returned by September 23 at 3:00pm to the school office. Nomination forms and surveys will not be accepted after this date and time.

Connect! Use Twitter and Facebook to connect with Becker! I have both a Twitter account (@vborchers) you can follow and a Facebook page (Valerie Borchers), you can like (don't worry, I can't see your personal Facebook when you like my page) where I post wonderful news about Becker. You can also follow @ BeckerElem on Twitter for news from our PTA and the Becker Elementary Facebook page, Viva Becker Elementary. We also have a Spanish Facebook group for parents, Papas de la Primaria Becker and an English Facebook Group for parents, Becker AISD. Stay connected with us to get regular doses of good news about our marvelous school!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at 512-414-2019, valerie.borchers [at] We look forward to working with you and your children this year!

íViva Becker!


Valerie Borchers


2. Welcome from Parent Teacher Association (PTA) President, Renee Deeter

Welcome to Becker Elementary School and we hope you will consider joining the PTA this year! PTA's mission is to make every child's potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children. We have so many great things planned for our children this year, yet we can't do it without the support of many parents, faculty and community members. Both financial and volunteer support can help us provide additional opportunities for all the children at our school. As a full time working mom, I understand that not everyone has hours to spend volunteering. But I hope that everyone could consider at least 3 hours of your time at some point this school year. PTA 
works  hard  to  identify  the  needs  of  our  teachers  and  students,  and  provide  the  necessary  support  and  appreciation  to  our  teachers  and  staff. Please  look  for  these opportunities  to  give  of  your  time,  talent  and  treasure on  our  website,  in  Thursday  folders,  and  around  the  school.  There is not help or donation that is too small.  Please do  not  hesitate  to  contact  me  with  questions,  concerns,  or  ideas  at  pta.president [at] (pta.president [at]

.  Click here to become a member: 

íViva Becker!

Mom to Michael (1st grade) and Abigail (Kinder)

3. Connect with Becker

In the Real World: check the bulletin board at the courtyard entrance doors in the hallway.  Major announcements are also sent home as flyers every Thursday in each student's folder.  Many of these announcements are for parents, so please make sure to read the materials that come home with your student on Thursdays to stay up-to-date with Becker events and initiatives!


Becker PTA Website:  PTA maintains a calendar of events which you can see from the calendar page of

Becker PTA Email Group: BeckerElem-subscribe [at] Parents, teachers, grandparents, and neighbors are all welcome to join!  The best way to subscribe is to send an email to beckerelem-subscribe [at] The moderator will approve your membership, and then you'll start receiving the group emails. Once you are a member, you can send an email to the group by addressing it to beckerelem [at] you also will get five days before each event on the Becker calendar.

Facebook group: “Becker Elementary School” – Austin, TX

Facebook, grupo en español: “Comunidad de la Primaria Becker”

Facebook community page: "Viva Becker"


Twitter: @BeckerElem


4. Volunteer!

Becker PTA encourages all families to commit to volunteering to support Becker activities and programs.

Read to a class, help a teacher prep materials, chaperone a field trip, water the garden plots, donate some chicken feed, volunteer for a committee, help plan a school event... there's no end to ways you can help.  Becker grandparents and neighbors are welcome as well, so spread the word! Visit the volunteer page for more opportunities.

Contact Ana Blanco, First Vice President, If you are interested in volunteering - your name & email will be added to the master “call for volunteers” distribution list. If you are chairing/coordinating an event so it can be set up on the main VolunteerSpot calendar.  You will then have “organizer” rights to manage your event.  Email ambh3 [at] to get started.

If you are able to translate English to Spanish, contact Julie Thomas (julie [at] and we'll put you on our translation committee to help make sure that all PTA communications are presented in both English and Spanish. You can participate as much or as little as your schedule allows.

All volunteers (including parents!) should be registered with Austin Partners in Education. This helps the school track volunteer participation, and ensures all volunteers have a current criminal background check to help maintain a safe environment for our children. Go to, search by school for Becker and follow the instructions. Then take your driver’s license to Alyssa Fuentes in the office for processing through the background check system. Thank you! 

5. Becker Calendar and PTA Meeting Dates

The Becker calendar of events is posted on the website: and the current month's calendars will be posted on the bulletin board by the courtyard entrance doors in the hallway. If you join the yahoo group you will also get reminders about events as they approach.

Please mark your calendars for PTA meeting dates (meetings will be located in the cafeteria, library or White House).

Check the Becker Calendar for PTA meetings, events, programs and volunteer opportunities!

6. Pre-Kindergarten Welcome and Staggered Start Schedule

Dear Pre-K Parents,

First things first, welcome to our Becker Family! We would like the opportunity to get to know you and your child better, hence we are inviting you to a Family School Visit the day before your Staggered Start begins. Our PreK Team will contact you to inform you which group (A ,B, or C) your child will be in. Families will have a Family School Visit. Each Family School Visit will last 20 minutes; this time will be used to give your child a tour of the classroom so that they will be familiar and comfortable with their new environment on their first day of Staggered Start.

Pre-K Staggered Start is in place to assist students in the transition from home to school. By having only a small number of students attend each day during the first couple days of school, students have the benefit of more individual attention supporting a positive first experience at school. 

*Pre-K full day schedule is 7:40 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. Please make arrangements for your child to be picked up at 2:15 p.m.

With Anticipation,
Your Becker Pre-Kinder Team

7. Becker Cheer

İBecker, Becker es nuestra escuela!
İLos gatos monteses de Becker realmente reinan!
Estamos aprendiendo todos los días,
Creciendo inteligentes al estilo Becker
İVéanos pasar un buen rato,
Becker, Becker número uno! Viva Becker!

Becker, Becker is our school!
Becker bobcats really rule!
We are learning every day,
Growing smart the Becker way!
Watch us as we have some fun,
Becker, Becker number one! Viva Becker!

8. Pledges

US pledge:
Juro lealtad a la bandera de los Estados Unidos de América,
Y a la república que representa, una nación bajo Dios,
Indivisible, con libertad y justicia para todos

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America,
And to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God,
Indivisible, with liberty and justice for all

Texas pledge:
Honra a la bandera de Tejas;
Te juro lealtad, Tejas, un estado
Bajo Dios, uno e indivisible.

Honor the Texas flag;
I pledge allegiance to thee,
Texas, one state under God,
one and indivisible.

9. School Supplies

Don't forget school supplies! 2017-2018 School Supply List

School supplies ordered through the Becker PTA have been delivered to your child's classroom and will be available at Meet the Teacher on Friday or any day thereafter.

Please direct any questions  to Sprout School Supplies 512-348-1475

schools [at] (


10. Lunch Money and Process

Students pay for lunch using their student ID number (Pre-K and K students are not expected to learn their ID number).  At, parents and guardians can add money to a student's account, track spending history, review menus, and look at dietary/allergy information for meals. There is a minimum payment of $20 per transaction. The cafeteria accepts cash at the register for prepayments and daily payments, but setting up your child with a prepaid account is highly recommended.

Click on this link to see a digital version of the current AISD Elementary School lunch menu.

Full Price:$2.80
Reduced Price:$.40 (For an application for the reduced-price meal program at AISD, visite or visit the office to request a paper application.)

Breakfast is served starting at 7:10 am in the cafeteria. If you would like your child to have breakfast at school please make sure that they arrive no later than 7:30 am.

Breakfast is Full Price:$1.50
Reduced Price:$.30 (For an application for the reduced-price meal program at AISD, visite or visit the office to request a paper application.)
Adult: $2.25

Parents may join their child for lunch or breakfast.

11. After-school childcare programs for Becker students:  

Becker has excellent after-school care options. Every day after-school care is provided on campus by Creative Action and Extend A Care and shuttles from Becker go to Dougherty Arts and Helping Adolescents Lead Others. Examples of after-school activities include Olas, Green Team, yoga and robotics.

Creative Action After School-Becker (florinda [at], (512) 442-8773 x107)

Licensed after school care and creativity classes for PreK–5th grades onsite at Becker, hours: 2:15pm-3pm for Pre-K ($115/month) and 3pm-6:00 pm ($260/month), with financial aid available & CCS accepted.  Activities include visual art, filmmaking, music, acting, creative writing, puppetry, and more! The program supports social and emotional development and dual language.

Extend-A-Care (, (512) 226-8228, Megan Jones, Director de Centros en Area II/Director Centers II, kmeerschaert [at]

On-site, licensed child care for children from pre-K through 5th grades, at Becker, hours: 2:15-3pm for pre-k ($35/month) and 3pm-6:30 pm, $241/full month with discounts for additional siblings but sliding scale available for kids on free or reduced lunch (contact EAC for details).

Creativity Club - Dougherty Arts (, 1100 Barton Springs Rd., (512) 974-4040).

Bus picks up from Becker, licensed child care at for kids from 5-12 years old, hours: 3 pm-6 pm, $258/full month.

Boys and Girls Club at Meadowbrook (1201 W. Live Oak St., (512) 203-6524, Steven Zuniga, Meadowbrook Club Director, Steven.Zuniga [at]

Afterschool club for kids 6-18 years old, $1 to $5/child, not licensed child care, kids need to walk there.

South Austin Recreation Center (1100 Cumberland Rd., 512-444-6601, devon.farber [at]

Licensed child care for children from K-5th grades, hours 3pm-6 pm, $100/month but no pickup from Becker.  If 5 or more students from Becker enrolled, the recreation center would pick up. Carpooling could also be explored. 

12. Extra-curricular activities & after-school programs:

There are a variety of after-school clubs and classes that meet, including choir, Green Team, robotics, yoga and more. Look for announcements to come home.