Becker Chicken Coop Update and Call for Chicken Coop Committee Volunteers!

Nine hens have grown healthy and strong since they hatched almost five months ago. We are impressed with how hardy and resistant they’ve been through these unusual cold snaps. 

There are several varieties represented. Two black Langshan, two white leghorn variant, two barred rock, one production red and two brown ameraucanas (easter eggers). 

We anticipate they’ll begin laying eggs as soon as this weather changes and they are closer to 6 months of age. Excitement mounts as we wait to see (and taste) the black, white, brown and blue colored eggs expected from these breeds. 

The Coop Committee is in need of volunteers for various projects and chicken husbandry. We need help organizing a “name the chickens” event, coop breed info/signage for the fence, eventual egg collection/sales and a number of other projects. 

If you have any questions/concerns about the chickens or wish to volunteer, please contact Michelle Broecker (chicken coop chair) atmrbroecker [at] () or call/text 512-569-8220.