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Parents with students in Pre-K through Grade 2 can view their child's attendance and report cards. Parents with students in Grades 3-12 can view their child's assignments, current grades, and attendance.
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Q: What is the official supply list?

Current Supply Lists 

Don't forget you can also order your school supplies with Sprout School Supplies 512-348-1475

schools [at] ( (link sends e-mail))


Q: What is the dress code?

The official AISD dress code can be found here.



Q: When do students get class assignments?

Depending on their grade level and teacher your student should have each day's assignments in their backpack.  At the beginning of each semester during Back-To-School Night your student(s) teacher(s) should explain their homework system. 

Q: When & how do parents receive major announcements?

Many major announcements will be on this site.  Major announcements are also sent home as flyers every Thursday in each student's folder.  Many of these announcements are for parents, so please make sure to read the materials that come home with your student on Thursdays to stay up-to-date with Becker events and initiatives!



Q: How much does lunch cost?

Full Price: $2.70
Reduced Price: $.40 (click here for an application for the AISD reduced-price meal program)
Adult: $3.50

Q: Where can I find the official AISD lunch menu online?

Click on this link to see a digital version of the current AISD Elementary School lunch menu.

Q: Can kids buy milk for lunch?

Yes, kids can buy milk.

Q: Does Becker serve breakfast?

Yes.  Breakfast is served starting at 7:10 am in the cafeteria.  If you would like your child to have breakfast at school please make sure that they arrive no later than 7:30 am.  Breakfast is Full Price: $1.50
Reduced Price: $.30 (click here for an application for the AISD reduced-price meal program)
Adult - $2.25

Q: Can I eat with my child?

Yes. Parents may join their child for lunch or breakfast.

Q: How can I pay for my child's breakfast or lunch (i.e. the Lunch Code)?

Each child has a 4 digit pin number that is their lunch code that comes home in your Thursday folder the first week of school.  When they purchase lunch items, they will need to know their 4 digit lunch code.  Parents can pay their student's lunch balance directly at the cafeteria or you can prepay online at, instructions are located here.



Please feel free to ask additional questions!  Email [at] (subject: Becker%20Question) and our Parent Support Specialist will answer promptly!