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Becker PTA Garage Sale Tomorrow!

Tomorrow morning from 7am to 12pm is the Becker PTA Garage Sale!  At Becker in the Milton Driveway

Find new treasures AND support the Becker PTA and all their great 2013-2014 School Year Initiatives!


Primer Viernes de Diversion Mañana!

2:45 pm – 3:30 pm
Muestra tu AMOR POR LA ESCUELA BECKER y compra divertidos productos como:
Calcomanías para coche
Etiquetas Engomadas Signos
Arcos del Pelo
Artesanías ¡y Más!
Los Precios son $.25 a $10.
Por favor trae dinero en efectivo o cheque.
Anfitrión:Becker PTA

First Friday Funday School Spirit Sale TOMORROW!

2:45 – 3:30 pm
Show your LOVE FOR BECKER and Shop our Fun Items:
Bumper Stickers
Yard Signs
Hair Bows

Esta noche es la Noche de Regreso a la Escuela! 17:30-19:00

Esta noche es Noche de Regreso a la Escuela! Por favor, únase a nosotros a las 17:30 en la cafetería de una breve introducción de la Sra. Borchers y nuestra presidenta de la PTA, Maria Archuleta-Skelley. A continuación, tendrá la oportunidad de visitar el aula de su hijo.


Back to School Night Tonight 5:30-7pm

Tonight is Back to School Night!  Please join us at 5:30pm in the cafeteria for a brief introduction by Ms. Borchers and our PTA President, Maria Archuleta-Skelley.  You will then have the opportunity to visit your child's classroom.  


Procedimientos para la salida y entrada a la escuela

Por favor, lea la nueva procedimientos para la salida y entrada a la escuela:

Muchas gracias.


Drop-Off/Pick-up Procedure

There is a new Arrival and Dismissal Plan in place for the 2013-2014 School Year.  It is expected that this new plan will take at least two weeks to run smoothly as both parents and staff learn and rehearse the new procedure.  Your patience is greatly appreciated as we all adjust to the new plan, which has been created with careful consultation with a traffic engineer and with the goal of keeping our Bobcat students, parents, and staff safe as they arrive and leave school each day.


La Manera de Becker

Por favor, lea la nueva página, La Manera de Becker, para más información y anuncios sobre Becker.


The Becker Way

Please check out The Becker Way, a new page which provides information and announcements about Becker, as well as welcomes from the Principal and PTA President as we head into the start of a new school year!


Becker Potluck and Summer Birthday Celebration Today, Tuesday 8/13 at 5:30pm at Ricky Guerrero Splash Pad

Please join us today for a playdate at the Ricky Guerrero Splash Pad, 2006 South 6th Street at 5:30pm.  We'll have a potluck and birthday celebration, so bring a dish to share and catch up with old friends and meet some new ones!

In case of rain or lightning at the time of the playdate, we will cancel.  If light rain or rain earlier in the day, we will meet as scheduled. If the Ricky G splash pad is closed for maintenance, we will move to the Becker Shady Playground (Bouldin between Monroe and Milton).